Affordable and highly effective in treating Malaria

Affordable and highly effective in treating Malaria

Say No To Malaria with

Say No To Malaria with


Antimalaria Pain Relievers Antibiotics

Antimalarial Pain Relievers Antibiotics

Our Product Portfolio

Our Product Portfolio

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Everyone merits great well-being and at T.O.C Pharmaceuticals, your well-being and prosperity are our needs. We are an international pharmaceutical company focused on improving patients’ lives by identifying and commercializing meaningful pharmaceutical products that address medical needs. Our products include leading high-quality branded prescription products, which we distribute to hospitals, long-term care facilities, and retail channels amongst others. Our portfolio of products is prescribed to treat malaria, pain and bacteria infections.

As part of our unwavering commitment to improving lives, we have facilitated the distribution of Antimalarial drugs, Pain Relievers and Antibiotics and we will continue to expand our product portfolio.

The leadership at T.O.C Pharmaceuticals focuses on providing support, encouragement, and inspiration to the workforce. We foster innovation and leadership at all levels, and firmly believe that a functional foundation of governance promotes corporate growth and stability. Our management team’s diverse backgrounds support and enhance our company’s market presence.

T.O.C Pharmaceuticals Nigeria Limited is a registered company in Nigeria and duly incorporated under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990.


Nigeria has the largest population in Africa with more than 200 million people. About 40% of Nigerians survive on less than $2 per day. The poverty rate in the country has led to an increase in unhygienic living conditions. Poor standards of living contribute to outbreaks of diseases. Malaria in Nigeria is endemic and stands as a life-threatening condition. Bites from an infected mosquito transmit malaria to a living host. Malaria is one of the leading disease burdens with high fatality rates in the country. Globally, reports of 627,000 malaria-related deaths occurred out of 241 million malaria cases in 2020. Pregnant women and children who are younger than 5 risk contracting the disease. Several factors contribute to the prevalence of malaria in Nigeria.

Pain Relievers

Does your whole body ache? There can be many possible reasons. An aching body makes every activity more difficult, from getting through your daily grind to going to sleep at night. Sometimes our bodies ache from hard work or exercise, but at other times the causes of body aches can be more complex and associated with other symptoms.

Body aches and pains can be disruptive and frustrating causing you to feel hurt. Al-douleurs is a quick pain reliever for muscle aches, backaches, dental pain, menstrual cramps and sports injuries.


White blood cells (WBCs) attack harmful bacteria and, even if symptoms do occur, the immune system can usually cope and fight off the infection. Sometimes, the number of harmful bacteria is excessive, and the immune system cannot fight them all. Antibiotics are useful in this scenario.

Antibiotics are important to treat bacteria infections and have saved countless lives. DICHASE and DIGLUS are Antibiotics you can trust. For effective treatment and the right dosage, please consult your Pharmacist or Doctor.

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